In 1963, the building that served as the regional headquarters for IBM CORP, which at the time managed all the State of Alaska computers, was purchased by Dr. Bob Horchover. Dr. Horchover had worked his way through school as a commercial fisherman. Once settling in to the practice he remained there for over 25 years until Dr. Rick Cook came to town and transitioned into the practice. Dr. Cook had practiced in Plains, Montana for 13 years and in the US NAVY for two years before moving to Juneau. From 1988 to 2012 Dr. Cook practiced dentistry, performed magic, and was heavily involved in the community of Juneau. In 2012, Dr. Cook sold the practice to a group of five dentists who named the practice Harbor View Dental. The dentists rotated in from Anchorage and Utah, each bringing a unique skill to the community. They labored in Juneau for 3 years until they decided that the practice needed someone who would call Juneau home. In 2015, Jared Lee purchased the practice. He and his family moved from Southern California in search of adventure and a place to call home, and this is where we are now. The rest of the history is being written now and the family here at Jared Lee DDS invites you to come and be a part of this special place.